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Tom Jarratt, UKFB Technical Director, on BBC Wiltshire

Tom Jarratt, UKFB International Technical Director, was interviewed by Ian Longdon on BBC Wiltshire recently, discussing ‘how have flood defences developed?

Tom explains that flood defence is much more technical than sandbags now – the market is incredibly fast moving and there is lots of innovation and development. UKFB International is at the forefront of that, with a cutting edge research and design team, plus in house testing facilities.

Asked about how far products have come, Tom explains that UKFB’s bestselling product in the UK & internationally is the Self Activating Flood Barrier, which is simple in the way that it works, requiring no electrical or human intervention.

Ian quizzed Tom on the ‘must have’ mod con for flood defences, so Tom clarified there is always going to be a multi-pronged approach to flood defence. There are the large scale defences which the Environment Agency will coordinate, but also homeowners and business can install property level protection, which is a range of products that protect the route of water ingress into a property. Any way that water is going to get in – we’ve got a measure to minimise the risk.

You can listen to the interview by clicking here. Scroll to 02:13.